At Momentum, Spring is a particularly exciting time of the year as we look forward to recruiting new graduates onto our Graduate programme. Our programme balances on-the-job training and real project work from day one with structured technical, behavioural and career development.

This year, our past graduates sit down with us and share some insights from their experiences as part of our graduate programme. Let’s get started.

Say hello to our grads 

Klarissa Ekaputri (KE)
Joined Momentum in September 2017 after obtaining her MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration from the University of Cambridge.

Ollie Bolderson (OB)
Joined Momentum in September 2017 after completing a masters in Regional and Urban Planning at the London School of Economics.

William Heubner (WH)
Joined Momentum in July 2017 after attaining a degree in Geography from the University of Sheffield


In a few words, can you tell us what each of your day to day roles involve?

KEMy day to day role is quite varied. It involves developing transport strategies for a range of projects, from public realm to stadia, as well as new commercial and residential schemes. My role often requires some analysis to anticipate the number of trips that will be generated by urban developments. Another element of my role is to research and keep on top of transport trends to produce transport planning documents supporting the successful submission of planning applications.

OB: My day starts with my breakfast croissant from Pret (chocolate, obviously). From then on, my day often involves working closely with various representatives from the Football Association, local councils, developers and other stakeholders, coordinating event day transport operations at Wembley stadium. Sometimes this means doing a shift in the control room which is quite exciting. I am immersed in the operational planning side of Wembley stadium and the events hosted there, and I am regularly involved in creating traffic management schemes to improve the efficiency of how people travel to and from the stadium. With such a role, I get to work with the engineers, designers and planners in the Momentum team which is great.

WH: My days mostly involve creating crowd flow and pedestrian models of stadia and public realm areas. This essentially boils down to using spreadsheets and specialist software to test the safe capacity of stadia and public realm designs to ensure the spaces can cope with the predicted footfall demand and ever-changing crowd flows. To achieve this, I work with my supervisor using spreadsheets for static models and specialist software for the dynamic models. What I like about my role is knowing that the results that I obtain from the models have an impact and are used to inform safe and efficient designs, which are created by our engineers or partnering architects.
As a grad, I’m also given the chance to support the planning team if they need extra support. This gives me a more holistic view and greater experience in the range of work that Momentum does and the projects that we work on.

Will, can you tell us about one of your highlights and challenges during your time at Momentum?

I think for all of us, the socials at Momentum are always a highlight, in particular the white-water rafting. Although when it comes to my work, one of my greatest achievements was completing a highly detailed pedestrian model for an entire stadium based in Las Vegas, just a few months after starting my role.

Another exciting challenge was a recent high-profile project where we battled relentlessly for an entire day with an intricate and complicated element of a building, however after a few more coffees and green teas we worked out how best to model it and we did it.

I enjoy the fact that my role involves a lot of logical thinking and problem solving, it is like one big puzzle and when it is all done and sent off for client review, it is very satisfying.

Klarissa, if you were to advise a budding transport planner or graduate looking to join Momentum, what would you tell them they can expect in terms of personal development, learning and growth?

One thing we all agree on is you can expect an incredible amount of exposure to a variety of transport work and a rewarding level of responsibility from day one across various projects within the company.

Something that has been hugely beneficial is the support from our mentors and personal supervisors we are matched up with from the very start. Our mentors are great and it is an opportunity to seek advice and harness our skills on a one-to-one level with experienced and senior members of the team. Not to mention being given greater insights into other project work and a sense of direction in our growth as transport consultants.

Ollie, can you tell us about the training each of you have received since joining?

All of us are currently completing a 20-week lecture series on the ‘Principles of Transport Planning’. The course has definitely grown on us and continues to provide us with greater background knowledge into the industry we’re working in.

What I do quite admire about the approach to training here is the amount of internal training available that’s led by the senior members. There’s a keen willingness to share knowledge and expertise with one another which is great.

To round it off guys, in 5 words or less, why Momentum?

WH: Warm and welcoming environment.

OB: The team & working environment.

KE: It’s contemporary, they encourage fresh ideas!

(6 words, but who’s counting)

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