“We have worked closely with Momentum on the Olympia Masterplan vision with over 2 million square feet of arts, entertainment and exhibitions in West London.

With the ever increasing complexity of public transport, rail links, cycle superhighways, targets for reduction of emissions and traffic congestion, Momentum’s valued role in the world of masterplanning has become quantums more complex and more important.

Here the firm shines.

They combine a principal mentality with a definitive and authoritative knowledge of transportation which garners immediate respect from all stakeholders in both the private sector and government.  They have the technical expertise to succeed in creating intricate solutions, the professionalism to articulate these solutions convincingly. They also possess the wherewithal to understand how commerciality, politics, and personalities of key stakeholders ALL must come together to enact change in transportation.

We have incredible admiration for the tremendous work they do, and have come to rely upon them as a strategic partner in our masterplanning.”

Lloyd Lee
Managing Partner

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