Welcome to the autumn 2019 edition of Connect!

In September we were proud to sponsor the first Car Free Day London Summit. Its co-founder, Hamish Stewart, introduces this edition of Connect with a foreword on how becoming car free could transform the lives of Londoners.  Our in-depth feature – ‘a London without cars’ – and articles on shared space, micro-mobility and a case for pedestrianising Montreal take a closer look at how reducing motor vehicle dominance can benefit communities and society as a whole.

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Introducing our London Car Free Day Conversation series

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A conversation with…

During the Car Free Day London Summit, we had the pleasure of sitting with Co-Founder Hamish Stewart, and Flying Dutchman’s Co Founder, Harry Walton who shared with us some of their thoughts on what a car free London looks like to them; and why they too were excited to be at London’s first Car Free Day Summit. Complementing their thoughts were Momentum’s very own, Claudio Borsari, Dave Murphy, Roy McGowan and Sarah Bailey who shared their views on why ‘car free’ is such an important idea and reminisced on some of their favourite examples of car free initiatives.