Proud co-sponsors of the World Car Free Day Summit 2020

Our role as urban designers, transport planners and engineers is to create spaces for people. While this doesn’t always mean heading exclusively for car free, more and more we’re working with clients to help reduce a long-established reliance on motor vehicle dominance.

We strive to be forward thinkers. Addressing the needs of the future city by making sure that our clients know about new technology and strategies to help them achieve their goals, whilst working alongside the ambitions, challenges and constraints of policies and legislation which guide their developments.

Speakers Corner…

Take a look at how we believe tomorrow’s big idea is actually made up of today’s initiatives (exclusively launched for the World Car Free Day Summit 2020).

Hear our panellist: Amélie Cossé.

Plenary 3 – Pathways to a more equitable urban recovery: public transport, land value capture & housing. View the on-demand webinar here.

Hear our panellist: Will Durden

Plenary 6 – COP26 zero emissions land use & the land conversion opportunity.
View the on-demand webinar here.

View some of our projects.

Car Free Day 2019

Last year Momentum had the pleasure of co-Sponsoring London’s first ever Car Free Day Summit which brought together speakers and delegates from cities across Europe to share concepts and insights on how we can design our future cities with people at the centre of our environments. Take a look at some of the insights shared by Momentum’s Roy McGowan and David Murphy; and Flying Dutchman Founder, Harry Walton during the 2019 Car Free Day Summit.

Click here to read our Car Free edition of Connect.

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