Why do we need to talk about Construction Logistics Plans?

Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) have long been a prerequisite of planning applications for new developments. CLPs signify the commitment of developers at the planning stage, and through their subsequent development, can help to mitigate the transport impacts of construction work on local communities, residents, businesses and the environment, whilst providing reassurance to the planning authority that disruption at and around a site will be minimised and mitigated.

Croydon Town Centre is undergoing a transformation with substantial demolition, refurbishment and new construction projects planned between 2017 and 2021. Whereas mitigation measures employed at individual sites may be proportionate and scaled, mitigating the cumulative impacts of multiple construction projects in a single local authority area, programmed over a sustained period of time, represents a significantly greater challenge. The London Borough of Croydon has implemented a town centre construction logistics plan in order to manage and mitigate any potential impacts. Momentum has been attending the Croydon Town Centre Construction Logistics Plan Forum meetings to monitor the development of the CLP and determine future developer opportunities and requirements.

The Croydon Town Centre Construction Logistics Plan is an area wide plan involving the local authority, Transport for London, developers, utilities companies and local businesses. The CLP encourages collaborative working practices amongst all stakeholders, in order to implement a co-ordinated long-term construction transport strategy. Developers signing up to an area wide plan are requested to provide construction activity data for their specific site, which includes updated construction programmes, volumes of construction vehicle movements and origin and destination data and planned on-street works. This information enables the local authority to forecast and monitor construction traffic flows on a month-by-month basis, consider routeing options and monitor construction activity on the local road network. Through our work supporting Land Securities with its Nova proposals at Victoria, Momentum has also been heavily involved in TfL-led regular Victoria area construction planning meetings, which very closely mirrored the arrangements in Croydon

The aim of the approach in Croydon is to reduce the congestion, pollution and noise impacts of the construction works on local residents, businesses and the wider environment.

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