Now we truly know what the acronym WFH stands for, we reflect on some of the Momentum-isms and good habits that have helped keep our team connected, motivated and uplifted during this unique time. With the help of technology, staying connected has evolved to include virtual Monday morning briefings to mid week project showcases and virtual coffees with colleagues to live yoga and virtual Friday drinks.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of our first two weeks in numbers

Hello Mondays

Kicking off our week our Monday mornings start with a mighty digital huddle over Microsoft teams where we delve into the various tasks, projects and work streams we’re all involved in for the week ahead across the business. Helping us start the week on a high, it is also an opportunity for us to draw greater insights from our teams in Canada and Dublin, share project successes and good news for all to cheers to!

Project showcases

One of our Momentum favourites we have welcomed and continue through the current lens of working collaboratively and virtually is our mid-week project showcases. Each week we gather online to be taken on a journey of a recent project led by the respective project lead where we hear about the intricacies, successes and some of the learnings gained along the way.

Cuppa conversations

Helped by our very own random cuppa generator (RCG), we have created a system perfectly designed to make sure everyone in the team stays in touch and up to date with essential water cooler chats. Each week, the RCG is posted online and randomly pairs everyone in the team with a partner. All that’s left to do is make contact, put the kettle on and arrange a catch up.

Client hellos

As we continue to find ourselves navigating through the virtual world, our focus on keeping connected with our clients hasn’t shifted. With a number of our projects crossing timezones, our project managers have been making the time to host weekly check-ins to help ensure project teams remain aligned and clients in the know.

Live Yoga

A welcomed highlight of the week has been our live yoga sessions. With wellbeing increasingly being a topic of conversation during such times, having the ability to continue providing the team with a chance to step away from their home office to meditate and exercise has been a great success.

Drinks at the local

Like many, Friday drinks at the local have become considerably local but a perfect time to reflect on the days past and compare notes on how each other are keeping entertained during these times. With the days seemingly merging into one, our virtual drinks have become an opportunity to introduce new fluffy and furry members to the team, keep spirits lifted and help some of our newest members get to know the wider team, some have even been serenaded to a live acoustic set.

Like many, we look forward to being reunited in our offices; the welcomed sounds of conversations by the coffee machine and the shuffling of our fluffy wellbeing officer Troy have certainly been missed but until then, it’s business as usual for us at Momentum.