Welcome to our research report on investing in micromobility at stations in Partnership with LSE

The Research.

Our report, titled ‘Investing in micromobility at stations: A London study of benefits and design options’ highlights how better passenger micromobility transport at stations could give passengers more options to complete their journeys without necessarily using buses or the Underground. This could make public transport more convenient by improving ‘first and last-mile’ connections and reduce pressure on existing public transport services by making it a realistic option to board and alight at less crowded stations.

Roy McGowan, managing director at Momentum said:

“The emergence of micromobility is providing an important opportunity for London to consider a more sustainable and equitable short-distance transport choice, when compared with using the car and private hire vehicles.

“With the ongoing trials of e-scooters for hire in several UK towns and cities, now is the time for key stakeholders to look closely at tackling operational, design and policy challenges so that micromobility can achieve its potential as a highly-effective first and last-mile transport option, providing alternatives to London Underground usage and bus services, as well as potentially facilitating development at increased densities in outer London and contributing to improved human-scale public realm development.”


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