Commenting on today’s announcement that Dott, Tier and Lime have been selected for London’s e-scooter trial, Grace Packard, principal consultant said: “The introduction of e-scooters is an exciting step for London, a city that is so well known for its transport system. E-scooter operators have learnt from their existing schemes across Europe and other UK trial locations so we can expect a considered and well-managed approach to ensure wide-ranging benefits are realised. It’s vital, however, that the trial continues to work with the wider stakeholder network to ensure shared e-scooter schemes deliver an effective, affordable and sustainable travel option, both to complement public transport and reduce short-distance car journeys.

“In our recent research, commissioned by Dott, spatial analysis highlighted that 98% of Inner London can be accessed through the use of a tube or train and a 10-minute e-scooter journey, greatly improving accessibility. We also found that 65% of Outer London can be reached from a town centre within a 10-minute e-scooter journey highlighting an incredible opportunity to reduce the use of private vehicles for short journeys.

“We look forward to learning about the impacts that e-scooters have in London and how they integrate with the existing transport landscape and surrounding developments. We recognise this is an important advancement for transport in London and advocate new transport modes that are accessible, affordable and sustainable.”

Notes to editor

Momentum recently collaborated with Paris-based “6t Bureau de Recherche” on a research study commissioned by Dott (one of the successful operators in the London e-scooter tender process) to identify the opportunities and constraints with e-scooter parking. Momentum and 6-t examined how the journey Dott has undertaken in Paris – to achieve over 97% of all Dott trips ending in a dedicated parking zone – could be brought to London.

It is recognised that with the introduction of e-scooters there are also concerns regarding the parking of these modes, subsequent clutter and safety issues for pedestrians. Momentum and 6t recommended that a collaborative approach to e-scooter parking should be undertaken, with a continual conversation taking place between both the operator and the local authority, both of whom have common end-goals of efficiency and effectiveness. Taking learnings from Paris, where parking compliance increased from 35% to 98% once dedicated parking areas were implemented, we recommended that London also establish e-scooter parking areas where possible, through the removal of on-street car parking bays for example.

The Momentum/6t research report can be viewed here.

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