Welcome to the Spring 2018 edition of Momentum’s Connect where we offer views on contemporary challenges facing our industry and share our future thinking on the development of our cities.

Inspired by our recent commissions on some of the most exciting and talked about schemes soon to enhance the ever-evolving London skyline, our desire to contribute towards the needs of the urban environment has never been so timely.

In this edition of Connect we continue to discuss some of the emerging trends and future thinking in our industry. We paint a picture which imagines the future of transport, we share our views on how to successfully make London a walkable city and how we hope to help change the face of our industry following our recent partnership with Women in Transport.

At Momentum we pride ourselves on being an integrated, people-first transport consultancy populated by progressive, knowledgeable thinkers in planning, analytics and engineering. Everything we do is carefully and diligently designed to create transport strategies and solutions that inform and integrate with every aspect of the built environment today and for the future.

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Want to know what’s inside?
Here are the titles to our five brilliant and thought provoking articles.

What does the future of Transport look like? by Ollie Bolderson
What next for the City’s streets? by James Dyson
Advancing women in the transport industry by Mailys Pineau
Planning walkable towns by Claudio Borsari & Natasha Brown
Transforming the face of transport with technology by Will Durden

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