Creating spaces which meet the diverse needs of the people who use them.

The ways that City spaces need to be developed are increasingly centred around the ways that
people will interact with and benefit from them.

Increasingly, City spaces have to deliver against multiple diverse needs from all the people who live, work, play, learn and commune in them; and move through them. The most beneficial and successful City spaces integrate with the spaces around them to create vibrant, inclusive and sustainable urban communities, ultimately coming together to create truly integrated cities.

Momentum recognises both the complexity of meeting the diverse needs of people and the multiple
opportunities that meeting these needs presents to spaces, communities and the wider City. We
understand the challenges facing those responsible for developing the City Spaces of the future and we have created our progressive Spaces for People (Urban Design) solution to meet these

We bring together vital insights about the ways people, all people, will want and need to use a space with analytics that show the multiple, optimum affects and benefits of designing spaces in various ways. We combine Insight & Analytics with Planning and Engineering, all driven by design, to create City spaces that contribute to the people that use them and that integrate with the community and spaces around them, for the benefit of everyone.