As part of the wider Broadgate Development in Central London, the redevelopment of 100 Liverpool Street comprises the refurbishment of the existing building to provide 520,000 sq. ft of office and retail floorspace. The proposed development aims to be a key facilitator of the City’s aspiration to transform Broadgate into a vibrant, mixed-use destination.

The proposed development will require new street furniture and paving as part of the public realm design. The main challenge lies in designing a drainage system that will maintain the existing basement structure whilst allowing for effective street furniture placement. To address these challenges, Momentum were commissioned by Blu-3 to develop a public realm strategy for the development area. Work has included the detailed design across the 100 Liverpool Street development that includes paving, build-ups, finishes, interface details, drainage, street furniture and hostile vehicle mitigation.

Our work has been integral in ensuring robust designs for street furniture placement. The placement and finishing of the street furniture were managed effectively by conducting a robust surface-level validation of the street development to ensure the site will be adequately drained. This analysis informed our proposed drainage design system, and strengthened our understanding in identifying slot drains across the site.

Our work has met the required capacities for drainage catchments and available depths to structure on the site, allowing us to retain the existing basement structure as part of the development proposals.