Momentum were commissioned by City of London Real Property Company Limited to support a planning application for the demolition of existing buildings and construction of a new ten-storey two-block office development in Southwark. The new development is located to the south of the thriving pedestrianised area of Bankside, which experiences high footfall from tourists, shoppers and workers. The usual limitations of restricted space in central London, along with the need to retain the on-site parking of neighbouring buildings, were two of the key challenges for this project.

Momentum provided the client with transport planning and highway design advice throughout the duration of the project, delivering the full suite of transport planning documents, including a Transport Assessment (TA), Delivery and Servicing Plan (DSP), Construction Logistics Plan (CSP) and Travel Plan (TP).

In line with our desire to create better spaces for people we were glad to also assist in the transformation of an existing car park located at the centre of the proposed development into a shared-use public realm, parking and servicing space. Complementing this revitalised pedestrian friendly space, a new high-quality north-south pedestrian link towards Bankside was successfully included within the development application.