The 50 Eastbourne Terrace development project is in the City of Westminster and was undertaken for Hermes Real Estate to support a planning application for the redevelopment.

The development proposal was for the construction of a new, single building comprising of ground plus five storeys. The development proposals include 8,980m2 of office, 654m2 of A1 retail, 583m2 of flexible A1/A2/A3 retail and 992m2 of residential.

Momentum worked with the design team on the development of the layout and proposals, and prepared the Transport Assessment which included a delivery and servicing plan and a travel plan.

The Transport Assessment summarised the existing conditions at the site, including its current permitted uses; site access; the road network; public transport accessibility; cycling facilities; car parking; servicing and waste management arrangements; and baseline trips. The 50 Eastbourne Terrace site has a Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) rating of 6b, the highest possible rating. (The PTAL value combines information about how close public transport services are to a site and how frequent these services are.)

The proposed development did not propose any additional car parking spaces, but instead utilised seven unallocated car parking spaces from the existing 48 space car park to the rear of the site; one space for each residential unit.  A total of 132 cycle parking spaces are included and it is anticipated that funding towards an additional 12 off-site short stay spaces will be required to reconcile the proposal with short-stay cycle parking standards.

Overall, the additional number of trips on the local highway and public transport networks were seen as negligible. A loading bay was proposed to the rear of the site, which will cater for all servicing and delivery vehicles for the site. Four of five servicing or delivery vehicles are estimated to arrive in any one hour.

A draft construction logistics plan and a travel plan were produced as part of the Transport Assessment and it was noted that the final document will need to be submitted and agreed at a point when the contractor is confirmed and appointed.