Al Rayyan Stadium, situated in Doha and is part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup venues. Inspired by a vision to not only seat the 45,000 fans expected to attend the biggest event in the football calendar, the stadium aims to provide a world-class facility for the local community, complete with state of the art football training pitches, an aquatics centre, outdoor tennis and basketball courts and a variety of shopping outlets.

The team at Momentum supported Pattern Architects during the preliminary, concept and detailed design stage with crowd movement studies. In order to deliver this, static and dynamic models were designed to help emulate and assess evacuation routes, spectator movements before and after the event and halftime concourse usage. Informed by data and analytics, our work was instrumental in demonstrating compliant safety measures for access to and from the stadium, identifying the best strategies to ensure stadium facilities are utilised efficiently and creating an environment designed to elevate the overall experience of every fan and individual who enters the stadium.

Our experts also helped assess the proposed transport arrangements across all modes as part of the Education City campus-wide transport planning vision. This involved assessing and providing solutions for pedestrian movement along the walkways serving the stadium during the event from the drop off areas and public transport stations to the spectator search areas.