The team at Momentum were commissioned to assist Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners for the new World Conference and Exhibition Centre (WCEC) extension of the British Museum.

Our work was centered around the traffic and pedestrian safety issues that had been identified at the Bloomsbury site, and working to ensure that routes would be provided throughout the building to allow priceless artefacts to be delivered and transferred to exhibition space, and to reduce the impact from other logistics.

Momentum’s work involved undertaking a comprehensive review of the existing local highway network and the operational strategy which enabled the preferred routes for servicing vehicles to be identified, avoiding the predicted conflicts between the movement of valuable museum artefacts and the external servicing activity.

Momentum worked closely with various departments within the Museum to discuss and understand delivery protocols, research materials, security, booking systems, banksmen procedures and on-site safety strategies. This level of engagement enabled us to take a holistic approach to the site and the operations required, ensuring that the strategy developed and taken forward accommodated the needs of all Museum operations whilst maintaining and enhancing the visitor experience.

Momentum also completed pedestrian studies and dynamic pedestrian modelling of the main entrance for the British Museum and for the WCEC to demonstrate the event day capacity at the preferred queue management arrangements for major exhibitions.