Momentum supported HB Reavis at the Farringdon over station development, now known as Bloom Clerkenwell, providing support in the discharge of transport related planning conditions, and through providing construction logistics advice.

We provided transport planning documents to support the discharge of pre-commencement conditions associated with the scheme S106 legal requirements, including a strategic Travel Plan and a Delivery and Servicing Plan, and subsequently a Transport Assessment Addendum for a Minor Material Amendments application. Our construction logistics support involved the establishment of construction logistics principles for construction vehicle access on Farringdon Road. This task was made more challenging through the ongoing interface with Crossrail works, and critically with TfL aspirations to ensure cycle provision adjacent to the site was not compromised in any way during the construction phase.

Working with TfL, a wide package of construction logistics options were developed which sought to balance the needs of construction, alongside those of pedestrians, cyclists and motorised traffic, within the spatial constraints of the existing road.

The agreed construction logistics approach required construction vehicles to overrun existing footway adjacent to the site, requiring the design of a protection structure above statutory utility apparatus. This in turn required ramps and carriageway wide amendments to Farringdon Road, including re-profiling and drainage changes. Momentum supported HB Reavis in the develop of a detailed design package for these temporary S278 works, and achieved approval from TfL to allow for the scheme’s implementation