Momentum has provided ongoing support to HB Reavis for the works at the Farringdon over station development, ‘Bloom Clerkenwell’. We have provided support in the discharge of transport-related planning conditions, provided construction logistics advice and produced highway design for the temporary works and permanent scheme on Farringdon Road.

Our construction logistics support involved the establishment of construction logistics principles for construction vehicle access to a pit lane on Farringdon Road, whilst ensuring TfL’s aspirations to ensure no deterioration in cycle provision adjacent to the site throughout construction.

The agreed approach required construction vehicles to overrun the existing footway, requiring the design of a protection structure above statutory utility apparatus. To accommodate the protection structure, amendments to Farringdon Road were needed, including re-profiling of the carriageway to ramp up to the required height and drainage works. Temporary traffic management design ensured the successful and safe implementation of the design with the approval of TfL.

Since completing the design of the temporary works, we have supported the scheme by preparing the detailed design package for the S278 permanent design. These works will remove the temporary infrastructure and implement design improvements to the surrounding highway that will tie into the Cycleway 6 infrastructure in the area.