The Garden Museum, which is considered to be Britain’s only museums of art, history and design of gardens was closed in October 2015 for restoration works and reopened in May 2017.

The restoration works included internal alterations, including partial demolition and provision of additional mezzanine display floorspace to the existing church building, and construction of single storey extensions within the rear garden to provide a cafe and educational facilities. External alterations to the rear churchyard included landscaping and relocation of tombs, removal and reconstruction of existing boundary treatment.

Planning conditions associated with the refurbishment including the submission of a Delivery and Servicing Plan and a Travel Plan. Momentum provided transport advice, design guidance and support to discharge these two planning conditions.

The museum building, which is partially located on the site of the reconstructed St Mary-at-Lambeth church and also located on the southern boundary of Lambeth Palace, sits on a constrained part of the local road network with no space for on-site servicing provisions.

The Momentum planning team worked with the Garden Museum staff, project managers and the scheme architects, Dow Jones, to deliver a number of scaled and appropriate servicing and refuse strategies for the site. The servicing and refuse strategies were proposed in agreement with Lambeth Palace and agreed with LBL.

In conjunction with our pursuit to promote sustainable travel, our work with the Garden Museum also included delivering a travel plan for the expanded site to endorse and implement sustainable travel options for both staff and visitors.