GSK required a transport strategy to facilitate the closure of one office, with staff decanted into the already-operational headquarters. With an increase in car parking provision not a possibility, a strategy needed to be green, fair and applicable to thousands of employees.

To understand existing travel patterns, transport facilities and employee origins, a substantial amount of data was collected and analysed, including substantial GIS analysis, allowing an appreciation of the baseline condition to facilitate accurate data forecasting. After consultation with multiple GSK business functions, as well as staff focus groups, a series of options were developed that could be used to address the transport challenge. These options were not tied to transport infrastructure or modifications, with a more holistic approach to working patterns at GSK a central feature of the developing strategy.

Each option was modelled by forecasting the effect of the option on existing demand, to provide further information to GSK’s Steering Committee of senior leaders. A web-based parking allocation application was selected as the fairest, most effective and cost-effective solution, and Momentum developed a detailed implementation plan for GSK to provide a blueprint for handover, with recommendations on updating transport policies and any dependencies on key GSK functions, such as HR and legal.