Crowd flow services were provided for the whole Videna  and Callao Complex for the Pan American Games 2019. Static and dynamic crowd flow models were developed to assess the masterplan designs as well as the individual arenas (the Aquatics Centre, Athletics Stadium, football stadium, several Polideportivos and Velodrome) with in the sports complex. A total of three operational scenarios were considered for the assessment and these were ingress, egress and evacuation. Spectator demand (sport complex as well as individual venues) for the busiest day has been calculated and used in the assessment to assess the spectator circulation and level of service levels.

Static as well as dynamic assessments for all venues were undertaken for 3 worst case scenarios, ingress, egress and evacuation. They worst case assumes that all events (on the busiest day of the tournament) either start or finish at the same time and are at full capacity, meaning that the designs have been robustly tested for peak spectator demand.

The ingress study focussed its results on the delay times to arriving spectators and calculated the number of required turnstiles as well as queueing times at entrance points. The egress study focussed on the required widths in the external concourse areas of the masterplan and queuing times at exit gates.

The evacuation study focusses on the evacuation times of each of the venues, and then the external circulation to holding areas, identifying any delays or pinch points that are restricting the safe evacuation of each venue.