The London 2017 IAAF and IPC World Para Athletics Championships were held at the London Stadium in 2017 being the largest sporting event at the stadium since the 2012 Olympics. The championships consisted of multiple event days with a number of double event days requiring the management of overlapping ingress and egress periods.

This project included developing strategies for different user groups such as media, athletes, general admission, fleet and shuttle bus services, as well as a mobility strategy. Momentum Transport Consultancy provided transport support in developing the crowd management and traffic management strategy for spectators arriving and leaving the stadium, together with the strategy for other stakeholders to gain access to the site such as athletes, media, staff and shuttle services. We provided forecasts of arrival and departure profiles and data analysis to provide an informed strategy that was developed in consultation with key stakeholders including transport operators and adjacent land owners and venues.

Momentum also provided design advice for traffic management of operational areas to enable the facilitation of events and the transportation of athletes between venues in accordance with timescales required by the client. Momentum also prepared the relevant supporting transport documents required to address the planning requirements in the form of a bespoke event management plant to inform the overarching transport strategy.