The Stage is a mixed-use development located in Shoreditch comprising of a number of buildings surrounding the archaeological remains of the Curtain Theatre. Its construction takes place across a number of phases requiring a complex logistics strategy that takes account of the changing layout throughout the build programme as well as other construction activity in the area and neighbouring uses.

Momentum provided construction logistics support services to Multiplex during the early works phase of the project including the production of a Construction Logistics Plan. Led by our team of planners and engineers, we successfully undertook vehicle tracking for the site layout and various access points to determine constraints, appropriate gate layouts and slab design. Momentum also undertook vertical tracking of the site to ascertain ground and height clearance when accessing the building during construction.

This informed the site layout to incorporate suitable loading and turning areas. Momentum proactively engaged with the London Borough of Hackney to agree the logistics strategy and arrange required road closures, highway licenses, parking suspensions and enabling highway works, including the necessary improved highway design. Momentum also supported the pit lane preparation providing preliminary highway design works, tracking and pit lane layout drawings. These were prepared in liaison with the London Borough of Newham to ensure sufficient precautions were in place to minimise the predicted disruption during the course of construction among the neighbouring roads and arteries surrounding the scheme.