Welcome to our archive where you can keep up to date with our recent and past publications, from client friendly briefing notes according to recent policy changes in the industry to our popular Connect publications which touches on the some of the industry’s most talked about topics from future cities, healthy streets and more.

Driven by our desire to continue designing spaces for people and to ensure we remain at the forefront of emerging trends within our industry, our publications enable us to offer our views and professional commentary on the contemporary and complexed challenges facing the sector we work in; paired with an insight into how we believe design will continue to play a key role in the improvements of the towns and cities we live in.

Our Company Brochure

We invite you to read our company brochure which: takes you through our curated list of progressive services, gives you an insight into our company culture and our core disciplines, and a snapshot of the various projects we have had the privilege of being commissioned on.  

Gear Change: sweeping changes ahead for developers and local authorities

Momentum take a detailed look at how the future for developers and local authorities looks set to change with the Government’s Gear Change vision for cycling and walking

Investing in micromobility at stations: A London study of benefits and design options

This joint research report between the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and Momentum explores the opportunities micromobility brings to London’s major rail termini.

Designing for micromobility Parking in offices

With the mobility landscape changing and the use of ebikes, e-scooters and other micromobility modes on the rise, we’ve set out guidance for providing micromobility parking in offices. From this publication, we also recommend that forward-thinking developers, architects, planners and engineers use this as a references when considering parking for privately-owned micromobility modes.

Transport Briefing Note: DfT’s Gear for Change 

Momentum summarise DfT’s recent Gear for Change document which sets out a radical change in the way transport infrastructure and transport users are considered.

Corona virus and Transport: A Change In Direction

Momentum helps summarise the recent Government and TfL announcements to help you understand the key changes and how they might affect you.

Transport Briefing Note: Use Classes Order Changes

Set to influence every future planning application we work on, we explore what impacts this seismic shift in planning regulations may have on the transport sector.

Connect: Future Cities

Autumn 19 Edition: Car Free Day, Future Cities, Montreal & Museums

Connect: Reimagining Spaces

Spring 19 Edition: Reimagining Spaces, Neighbourhoods, Over station developments & Design

Connect: Momentum’s review of new transport policies

Autumn 18 Edition: Vision zero, London Plan, CoL Transport Strategy & Road to Zero.

Connect: Cities, People, Tech & Transport

Spring 18 Edition: Future of transport, City streets, Women in Transport, Walkable towns & Tech.

Connect: Emerging trends in Transport

Autumn 17 Edition: Smart servicing, Public Realm, Construction logistics, Venue Journey Planning & The Mayor’s Transport Strategy.