We work collaboratively between our three disciplines of planning, analytics and engineering to ensure that walking and cycling schemes are delivered effectively and with the end users in mind.

Cycling: With spatial planning and GIS capabilities, we can identify the best locations for new cycle schemes that will have maximum impact. Adhering to fundamental design principles and best practice guidance during the planning and design stages ensures that we deliver high quality infrastructure, along key routes and at critical junctions. We know that delivering the right schemes in the right places is essential to encouraging cycling.

Here at Momentum we also understand that the destination is equally as important to cyclists as the journey itself, and know that good quality and convenient access to cycle parking is essential.

Walking: Pedestrian comfort levels are crucial to encouraging more travel by foot. Through robust technical assessment of demand and pedestrian modelling, we ensure that pedestrian comfort levels are maximised. Attractive spaces give people a reason to travel in the first place and our pedestrian modelling tools enable us to ensure we deliver attractive spaces for pedestrians.

The Government’s Gear Change vision – announced July 2020 – will embed active travel in wider policy making.  Planning permissions will be refused, and funding will be refused (or rescinded) if standards set are not met. The ramifications of Gear Change will be complex and will require local authorities and developers to work together like never before. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to help local authorities and developers adapt to these forthcoming changes and new demands.