Engineering is embedded into all of our projects. Our engineers work throughout all design stages, finding solutions to challenging design problems, immersing ourselves in both the bigger and the finer details. We challenge, change and collaborate through workshops and meetings, helping us to engage and work alongside the wider design team to ensure we provide expert advice to our clients whether at a project’s inception, detailed design or during implementation.

As we step out of our homes, we are surrounded by Engineering. From pavements, signs, traffic signals, street lighting and landscaping, it’s part of our every day lives, and that’s before mention of the unseen – drainage and utilities, or below ground delivery and servicing yards. Momentum has expertise in designing streets, roads, junctions, cycle and pedestrian infrastructure, public realm spaces, and temporary layouts to facilitate construction. We are proud of our diverse engineering capabilities – having delivered streets in some of the most constrained urban environments of our big cities, creating new business campuses and school streets, through to designing for safe movement of fans for the Qatar 22 World Cup, and helping facilitate access to some of Europe’s largest construction projects.

By implementing our design knowledge and expertise in the early design stages helps us identify, solve and improve designs to the benefit of reducing cost, time and waste; by offering a dedicated team of engineers as designs are developed into detail, we can ensure original vision is not lost or compromised; and when moving to implementation, we will support on site, ensuring that our designs are implemented so that they realise their full potential.