"The successful transport planning and design of cultural & heritage places bring operational benefits and enhance the visitor experience; improving visitor flow, creating seamless delivery and servicing processes and supporting beautiful buildings with exciting public realm."

Momentum is working with some of the country’s leading cultural institutions, developing progressive transport solutions designed to work within their sensitive heritage constraints to maximise visitor numbers and optimise operations.

We understand the passion which drives those who lead cultural institutions and have designed solutions which take account of sites that are centres of learning and research as well as hugely popular visitor attractions. This has included strategies for the storage and movement of precious artefacts as well as access, connectivity and security operations for visitors and staff alike. Careful pedestrian movement planning, crowd modelling and wayfinding ensures truly positive interactions between people and place, allowing visitors to flourish and contributing to health, wellbeing and overall experience.

We continue to work on complex, often listed, historic sites, where the built environment has an intrinsic cultural value. This has taught us to develop design and operational solutions which seek to both protect and enhance these sites, often bringing their original purpose back to life.