Healthcare-related buildings such as hospitals, clinics and labs play a significant role in maintaining and creating sustainable and healthy communities. We aspire to provide people-focussed spaces and transport solutions, which enable the greatest levels of care to begin as soon as people arrive on site alongside the highest levels of operational efficiency and flexibility

Healthcare facilities are characterised by the complexities and high standards of requirements to ensure they are safe and functional places for patients, staff, researchers and operators. These conditions create unique pressures on the transport management of people, supplies, waste, deliveries and servicing.

Transport planning for healthcare facilities requires distinct design solutions; balancing complex sanitary and operational needs with layouts that allow a positive patient and visitor experience. While working on healthcare-related estates, it is vital to place the safety and wellbeing of people at the core of the design strategy.

Healthy placemaking is also essential to address urban challenges and create the healthy, resilient and inclusive public places necessary for communities to thrive. Momentum works with local and health authorities, and leading estate and property healthcare developers to provide progressive transport solutions which work within the challenging constraints of healthy environments and safe operations.

We understand that each clinical and care facility is different and requires a bespoke approach. This includes strategies for the storage and transport of medical supplies and medical waste, as well as access, connectivity, zoning and wayfinding strategies through flexible and resilient design.