"We consider all of the transport elements of masterplanning alongside, and integrated with, land use planning to ensure developments are both sustainable and meet the needs of the communities they serve."

A masterplan is a framework that directs the development of a region, area, city, neighbourhood, precinct or building. With accessibility in urban and suburban areas becoming increasingly complex and constrained, it is becoming fundamental for development to occur sustainably and to complement to the existing environment. Consequently, it is essential that transport and connectivity are integrated into the first steps of developing a masterplan to ensure that the vision and viability of a scheme are realised.

Momentum provides transport masterplanning services to understand, analyse, plan and advise a masterplan in terms of its connectivity, logistics, and transport impact. We collaborate with a wide range of public and private clients to design masterplans that facilitate accessibility by sustainable forms of transport and establish effective delivery and servicing strategies. Our approach aims to utilise space for accessibility and connectivity within a masterplan efficiently, ensure transport strategies are sustainable and suitable for all land uses and transport users within a masterplan, and achieve integration with the broader community.