It means incorporating behaviour into practice and making life easier and more pleasant.

Why is good design essential in the work we do?

Everyone will travel at some point and our designs need to reflect that and acknowledge that it impacts on all people and modes.

Which piece of design that you’ve worked on at Momentum are you particularly proud of, and why?

I’m really proud of the concept design for junction improvements work we completed on Putney High Street to prioritise pedestrian linkages whilst retaining strategic traffic flow. Whilst this has not (yet) been implemented, it offers potential to improve the street scene and sense of place for the area.

Whose designs/which designer do you admire and why? 

Gilbert Wedam – City Mapper. Whilst I enjoy figuring travel out for myself and the journey with it, sometimes you just need the easiest way. When you are in a new city, are unclear of the buses available or don’t know which rail line to take, this can offer a solution, reduce stress and give people a tool to go about their day.

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