Something which has operational functionality embedded throughout the design process and as a consequence works well for people whatever is being designed. Simplicity is also important, so that how something operates is intuitive – the iphone not being sold with an instruction manual feels ‘old hat’ now, but when they were first launched, it really was revolutionary.

Why is good design essential in the work we do?

Because when you get it wrong people notice; they tend not to notice so much when things work well!

Which piece of design that you’ve worked on at Momentum are you particularly proud of, and why? 

Victoria Street by Landsec’s Nova development; looking back on Google Streetview at the street in 2008, and then looking at 2018 the improvement for pedestrians is stark – there is a much more appropriate allocation of space to pedestrians relative to vehicular traffic.

Whose designs/which designer do you admire and why? 

This goes back to the iphone example, so Steve Jobs – making something which could be so complicated so simple really is ingenious.

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