For me, good design is not necessarily loud or in your face, but thoughtful of how a building, road or area might be used by a wide variety of people and in different scenarios. Good urban design is becoming increasingly flexible, presenting opportunities for constantly-evolving urban interventions like cafes, community gardens and outdoor entertainment which is really exciting.

Why is good design essential in the work we do?

Good design makes places that are efficient, practical and beautiful. Done well, it also saves on long-term management, allowing our clients to spend the money once during the design period and not constantly revisit with minor alterations.

Which piece of design that you’ve worked on at Momentum are you particularly proud of, and why?

In general, I’m always proud to send out a map or piece of graphic design that we produce – I think it’s something we’re really good at and helps to communicate some of our more mundane topics clearly and elegantly. Personally, I’m currently designing a multi-storey car park which is strangely exciting, and for the same project have produced masterplan access plans which I think really help people to understand what a scheme will look and feel like when they’re eventually entering it.

Whose designs/which designer do you admire and why? 

I recently saw architect and urbanist Jan Gehl talk about designing at a human scale and the importance of street life which was a really reaffirming discussion. His work advising Copenhagen speaks for itself in terms of creating a city which is liveable and pedestrian and cycle-friendly.

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